About Us

The creative team "Alternative Spaces" is a collaboration that includes experienced masters in the following areas of activity:

  • engineering and design (household and industrial);
  • engineering (including mechanics);
  • metalworks;
  • forged products;
  • scenery and props;
  • electronic programmable devices

The list of our opportunities could be continued, but the work of the team "Alternative Spaces", posted on the site, will give You a more complete idea of the areas of our activities. Projects are regularly updated to be aware of the original solutions, subscribe to the news of our company.
Our works and products are based on the use of quality materials and advanced technologies.
Each work is unique.
Working with "Alternative Spaces" will be convenient and mobile, because we appreciate Your time and are ready to offer comprehensive solutions.
Join the number of our Clients, such as Golf club "SKOLKOVO", Ralf Ringer, "Daughters-Sons", "Yakitoria", DS "President", fashion designer Alena Akhmadulina, Irina Wiener Academy and many others who have given us preference.

With respect,
Department of mechanics

Valery is the scenery
Eugene-Metalworking artist

Pavel - engineer
Oleg - architect