GeoBoard (of geometric, mathematical tablet).

Size: 1000 x 1000 x 46 (in mm).
Materials: LMDF, caprolon.

Developing Board.
With the help of rubber bands on the Board are different shapes and drawings.
Development of attention, memory and perseverance, fine motor skills, sensory, imagination and creativity.
You can create drawings as the scheme, and come up with yourself.
Mathematical ability and spatial thinking, the study of letters and numbers.
Play with leobardo even toddlers, around two years.
From the age of three the child can create different shapes and simple drawings under the guidance of his mother.
Gradually complicate the task and do not forget to give the child the will for his own imagination.
Variants of games with geometry:
Jobs under the scheme. Draw a diagram of the tasks on the paper for your child. It can be anything (but pay attention to the age and interests of the child): geometric shapes, house, flower, tree, boat, numbers, letters, etc.
Labyrinth. Can be used not only gum, but also the skin. It will be a beautiful maze. Game on imagination. The child without a schema to reproduce a pattern or create your ornament or pattern.

All for fun.
Equipment for premises and streets.
Ready-made solutions and development of individual projects.
From a separate attraction to complex solutions.
Mechanics and interactive.
Scalability of products.
Your ideas are our work.

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